What are the characteristics and functions of indoor full-color LED displays?

2021-10-15 Source:Leader Optoelectronics 0

  In the media age, consumers are no longer limited to getting news from calligraphy, calligraphy and newspapers. This has prompted the emergence of display screens. Leading full-color LED display screens can stand out among many enterprises across the country. The key lies in the characteristics and functions of its products.

  The advantages of the indoor full-color LED display are mainly reflected in its display effect compared to other media products without particles and mosaics, and the color saturation is relatively high, and the color display is more uniform. After lighting, the picture is clear and natural, the display is flicker-free, and the picture display effect is good. Moreover, the most important point is that the indoor full-color LED display is fully automated, which can not only implement single-lamp maintenance, but also effectively extend the life of the display. The indoor full-color LED display is cost-effective. Bright color LED display has been applied to all aspects of social life because of its high quality and high cost performance.



  Now, the indoor full-color LED display has the information release function, which can choose a variety of styles and flexibly control the font size, and its network function can also carry out real-time control while broadcasting network information. The needs of customers are adjusted. Abundant playback modes make the indoor full-color LED display the best choice for stage performances. The broadcast of the LED display mainly supports clear and flicker-free video image playback and camera functions. This can realize the live broadcast of all kinds of live programs, and can also compress and control video images, and can also play files in multiple formats and have multiple display modes.

  1. Indoor full-color LED display Zhongsheng brand LED display adopts energy-saving design, lower power consumption, longer life, can effectively reduce power consumption by 25-50%, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and save electricity bills for customers.

  2. Using high-definition playback system, the number of colors can reach 1.07 billion colors, the refresh rate can reach up to 3000 Hz, and the gray scale can reach up to 65536 levels, which can meet the shooting requirements of TV cameras.

  3. The mask is specially processed to ensure the consistency of the product color and effectively reduce the color difference.

  4. Support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use.

  5. All-black LED package with black side and black side, which significantly improves the display effect and contrast of the LED display.

  6. More high-end IC support can improve the grayscale and refresh rate of the display, and ensure that the display can meet the needs of brightness after long-term use.

  7. High-quality LED display special chip design, with high brightness, large angle, anti-purple line, anti-static characteristics, and effectively improve the stability and reliability of the display.

  The above are the features and functions of the full-color LED display that the editor will introduce to you today. Welcome new and old customers to visit and supervise Leader Optoelectronics! If you want to know more exciting information, you can continue to pay attention to our official website.