Analysis of nine major advantages of LED full-color display

2017-03-08 Source:Leader Optoelectronics 0

  We all know that the display screen is also very common in our daily life. So, do you know anything about the LED full-color display? The editor of the guide will give you a detailed explanation of the nine major advantages of the LED full-color display.

  1. Safety: The LED display uses low-voltage DC power supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. Both the elderly and children can be used safely without causing safety hazards.

  2. Flexibility: The LED display uses a very flexible FPC as the substrate, which is easy to form and suitable for various advertising modeling needs.

  3. Long life: The normal life of LED display is 80,000 to 100,000 hours. If you work 24 hours a day, the life expectancy is almost 10 years. Therefore, the life span of the LED display is several times that of the traditional one.



  4. Super energy saving: Compared with traditional lighting and decorative lamps, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better

  5. Easy installation: The LED display is very easy to install. It can be installed on a variety of supporting surfaces with fixing clips, wire ducts, iron wires, iron nets, etc. In addition, because the LED display is light and thin, the fixed function can also be realized by using double-sided tape. It can be installed without professionals, and you can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration.

  Six. Pure color: The LED display uses high-brightness patches, so it has the advantages of LED light-emitting elements, the light color is pure, soft, and glare-free. It can be used not only for decoration purposes, but also for lighting purposes.

  Seven. Environmental protection: The material of the LED display screen is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are recyclable and will not cause environmental pollution and damage due to large-scale use.

  8. Low calorific value: The light-emitting element of the LED display is LED. Since the power of a single LED is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W, the calorific value is not high. It can be used as decorative lighting in the fish tank, without generating a lot of heat and causing the water temperature to rise, which affects the growth of ornamental fish.

  9. Wide range of applications: LED display screens are widely used in building contours, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, various large-scale animations, and calligraphy and painting due to their characteristics of lightness, thinness, and pure colors. Advertising design and other places. With the gradual maturity of LED display technology, its application range will be more extensive.

  I have analyzed the nine major advantages of LED full-color displays. If you want to know more, you can contact our online customer service or leave us a message. The leaders welcome your call.