• 1. The impact of LED light source device performance

    The LED lamp bead device is the most critical part of the display screen and the most relevant part of the life. For LED lamp beads, the main indicators are the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor penetration characteristics, and UV resistance.

    2. the impact of supporting parts

    In addition to the LED lamp bead light source, the LED display also uses many other supporting parts, such as circuit boards, plastic shells, switching power supplies, connectors, and casings. Quality problems in any part may cause The life of the screen is reduced.

    3. The impact of production process on products

    How does the production process of LED display products determine the anti-fatigue performance. It is difficult to guarantee the fatigue resistance of modules made by inferior three-proof processing technology. When the temperature and humidity changes, cracks will appear on the protective surface of the circuit board, resulting in a decrease in the protective performance. The production process involved in the display screen production includes: component storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three-proof treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc.

    4. the influence of the working environment of the display

    Due to different uses, the working conditions of the display screens vary greatly. From an environmental point of view, the indoor temperature difference is small, without the influence of rain, snow and ultraviolet rays; the outdoor temperature difference can reach up to 70 degrees, plus wind, sun and rain. The harsh environment will aggravate the aging of the display, and the working environment is an important factor affecting the life of the display.

  • 1. Column type installation: It is mostly used for the installation of outdoor advertising LED display, with a wide view and relatively empty places around, such as squares, parking lots, etc. According to the size of the screen body, it can be divided into single-pillar and double-pillar installation. The column shape is suitable for the installation of the LED display on the open ground, and the outdoor screen is installed on the column.

    2. Stacking: a concrete structure is used on the ground to build a wall that is enough to support the entire LED display. A steel structure is built on the wall to install the display. The steel structure reserves 800mm of maintenance space for the placement of related equipment and maintenance facilities. .

    3. Mosaic installation: indoors, suitable for small indoor screens. Due to the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, the same size area is dug out on the wall according to the size of the screen, and the LED display is embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be a solid wall. The cost of using the pre-maintenance method is relatively high.

    4. Hanging installation: It is mostly suitable for large-scale places such as station LED display and airport LED display to play the role of indicating signs. The screen area is required to be small. (Below 10 square meters) It is required that there must be a suitable installation place, such as a beam or lintel above, and the screen body must be covered with a rear cover under normal circumstances.

    5. Wall-mounted installation: It is mostly suitable for the installation of indoor LED display screens, with a small area (less than 10 square meters). The wall is required to be a solid wall. Hollow bricks or simple partition walls are not suitable for this installation method.

    6. Roof-mounted installation: It is mainly suitable for outdoor advertising LED displays. The installation location is mainly on the roof of a building. As the height of the building increases, the level of wind protection to be considered should also increase.

  • 1. The LED display screen cannot be displayed

    Solution: Check whether the power supply of the electronic display is normal and whether there is a 220V strong current input

    2. The LED electronic display is not normal, and the screen is blurred

    Solution: (1) Whether the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct, and whether there is a signal transmitted to the electronic display LED control card;

    (2) Whether the communication line is normal, check whether the LED control card has signal input;

    (3) Whether the 5V power supply of the LED control card is normal;

    3. Part of the electronic display screen displays abnormally, such as black screen, blurred screen

    Solution: Check whether the power supply of the screen body with abnormal display is working normally; the signal transmission line is faulty; the single module of the screen body is faulty.

    A. There is a problem with the output

    1. Check whether the line from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short-circuited.

    2. Check whether the clock latch signal of the output port is normal.

    3. Check whether the cascade output data port between the last drive IC is connected to the data port of the output interface or whether it is short-circuited.

    4. Poor heat dissipation of the chassis, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the graphics card.

    Solution: Eliminate the heat dissipation problem.

    Check whether the fan is running normally, add oil to the fan, clean up the dust in the chassis, and solve the heat dissipation problem, and then the fault can be eliminated.

    5. Reinstall the system and the graphics card or monitor does not support high resolution.


    (1) Restart the computer, press the F8 key continuously, in the advanced startup menu, choose to enter "safe mode" and press Enter to log in to the system, and then enter the display settings under windows, select the 16-color state, click the "apply" button, and click "OK "Button.

    (2) Restart the computer, in the normal mode of windows, enter the device manager, delete the graphics card driver, and restart the computer.

  • 1. Raw data collection

    Original data collection is the first step of point-by-point calibration, the most basic step, and the most difficult step. According to the collection parameters, it can be divided into brightness data and chromaticity data; according to the collection object, it can be divided into module-level collection, cabinet-level collection and full-screen sub-region collection; according to the collection link, it can be divided into pre-use In-plant collection and user site collection after use;

    2. Generation of calibration data

    Currently, many digital camera calibration schemes put the setting of the target value before the acquisition, but different display screens have different optimal balance points, especially chromaticity correction. The target value should be set after the collection is completed. A reasonable target value setting should be based on the statistical analysis of the collected data, and various parameters, charts and renderings should be provided to help users adjust the target value.

    3. drive control

    There are two ways to realize drive control: one is current amplitude control, and the other is pulse width (PWM) control. Since the current amplitude and the brightness are not strictly linear, and the increase or decrease of the current will cause the deviation of the main wavelength of the LED chip, therefore, the current control application is less and less, and the current point-by-point correction drive control is mainly realized by adjusting Pulse width.

  • 1. Outdoor full-color LED displays need to be explosion-proof and anti-theft

    Outdoor full-color LED displays are generally used in outdoor public places. Public safety and the safety of the equipment itself are issues to be considered for outdoor displays. Generally, outdoor full-color LED displays use special tempered laminated glass, even if the glass is damaged. It can only produce fine cracks resembling spider webs, and the fragments are firmly adhered to the intermediate layer, which can avoid personal injury or property loss due to the falling of the glass. In addition, facing the problem of anti-theft, the screws should be avoided from being exposed, and the anti-theft function of the lock and solid structural support should be combined to solve the anti-theft problem.

    2. Outdoor full-color LED displays need lightning protection

    Outdoor full-color LED displays sometimes need to be played uninterruptedly around the clock, and they also need to operate normally under thunder and lightning. Therefore, outdoor full-color LED displays must have lightning protection control equipment to ensure safe and effective operation of the equipment during thunderstorms.

    3. the outdoor full-color LED display needs to be anti-reflective

    To ensure that the display interface is clearly visible in the outdoor environment, anti-reflection is also an important aspect to be considered. It is necessary to use special coated glass to improve the visual point of view and resolution of the screen and reduce screen reflections.

    4. outdoor full-color LED displays need to be anti-electromagnetic interference

    The outdoor environment is uncontrollable, and the anti-electromagnetic interference function of the outdoor full-color LED display becomes very important. The internal electrical components of the equipment are shielded to effectively prevent the internal components and cables from interfering with the signal, and also prevent external Electromagnetic interference to outdoor full-color LED displays.

  • 1. Establish quality standards, make some spare parts for the display power supply, and reduce the failure rate of shipments at the same time.

    2. Improve design parameters and improve power supply efficiency.

    3. Implement strict production management, improve production technology, and ensure product consistency in batches.

    4. For occasions with high requirements for the stability of the LED display, add power-related functions to ensure that the screen will never be black. For example, the use of on-site maintenance-free power supplies greatly improves the reliability of the display's power supply; using smart power supplies, when the screen power fails, the failure will be automatically reported, and other power supplies will be compensated accordingly to ensure that the screen is not black.

    In view of the black screen problem during the use of the control system, the main solutions are as follows:

    1. Please make sure that all hardware including the control system has been powered on correctly. (+5V, do not connect reversely or wrongly)

    2. Check and confirm whether the serial port cable used to connect to the controller is loose or falling off. (If it turns black during the loading process, it is probably caused by this reason, that is, the screen is black because the communication line is interrupted due to the loosening of the communication line during the communication process.)

    3. Check and confirm whether the LED display screen and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and whether they are plugged in reverse.

    4. Please check and confirm whether the 50-core cable connecting the Lingxin control card and the HUB distribution board is loose or plugged in reverse.

    5. If your display interface definition does not match the provided HUB board, a black screen will appear. Please recheck whether your jumper is loose, disconnected or short-circuited. If you think that the signals such as ABCD have been mapped to each other, please check whether the OE signal is connected correctly. (It is strongly recommended to use a HUB distribution board that matches the definition of the display interface.) If the above aspects are carefully checked, the black screen problem will be solved naturally.

  • 1. It is required that the power supply is stable and the grounding protection is good. Do not use it under severe natural conditions, especially strong thunder and lightning. Turn off the LED display first, and then turn off the computer.

    2. Maintain the humidity in the environment where the full-color LED display screen is used, and power on the full-color display screen that contains humidity, which will cause corrosion of the full-color display components and cause permanent damage.

    3. Water is strictly forbidden to enter the screen. If water enters for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the display board in the screen is dry before use.

    4. Exposure to the outdoor environment for a long time, such as wind, sun, dust, etc., is easy to be dirty. After a period of time, there must be a piece of dust on the screen. This needs to be cleaned in time to prevent the dust from wrapping the surface for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

    5. The surface of the large screen of the led display can be wiped with alcohol, or use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, not directly with a damp cloth.

    6. The large LED display screen needs to be checked regularly for normal operation and whether the circuit is damaged. If it does not work, it should be replaced in time.

  • 1. Ultra-long life: select high-quality light-emitting components as the core material of the display screen and use its own patented circuit board design

    2. Wide viewing angle: The wide viewing angle of 160° is consistent with the height of each luminous tube, and there are large viewing angles both horizontally and vertically.

    3. Remote control system: realize remote control function through software or light control system

    4. Brightness adjustment: According to the intensity of external light, the brightness of the display is automatically adjusted, whether it is day or night, you can clearly see the content on the display.

    5. Fine picture quality: Non-linear correction technology, fine and clear image effect; vivid and diverse animation effects; smooth and vivid video effects.

    6. The low-power solution can make the display screen run 1/3 energy-saving than the original, and further greatly reduce your operating costs;

    7. The cabinet has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, so the product can even be used in the seaside air environment with high humidity and high salinity.

    8. Power control machine control display screen: The industrial control machine is small in size and light in weight to provide convenience for frequent movement.

    9. Waterproof test: the box body is treated with water before shipment, and the front and back sides of the box are completely waterproof; the waterproof level is high for normal operation in outdoor all-weather environment.

    10. The LED video control system is equipped with a double backup system. Once a failure occurs, the customer can immediately switch to the backup system.

  • 1. Lightweight and ultra-thin

    2. Small error, zero stitching

    3. Fast installation

    4. Long life

  • Steel structure、Waterproof and moisture-proof、Ventilation and heat dissipation、Lightning protection grounding、power supply system