Does the LED display hurt your eyes?

2016-10-12 Source:Leader Optoelectronics 0

  Due to the current prosperity of electronic products, people's eyesight has been greatly threatened. So people have a sense of protection for their eyesight. Before, a customer asked the editor if the LED display screen hurts the eyes? After analysis, the editor will come to discuss this issue with everyone today.

  High-density LED displays are favored by people in many occasions due to their unique advantages of high brightness, wide color gamut, and high contrast. At the same time, the photobiological safety of high-density LED displays to the human eye has also received people's attention.



  According to the current international standards, the Chinese Academy of Metrology has measured the photobiological safety of a P1.66 high-density LED display from two aspects: the blue light hazard and thermal hazard of the retina, and selected plasma TV and LCD TV prototypes. As a comparison.

  The test conclusion shows that under the same brightness and white field conditions, in the blue band, although the peak brightness of the LED display is higher than the other two samples, its narrow band characteristics make the weighted integration of the retinal hazard index No higher than plasma TVs and LCD TVs, there is no significant difference in the retinal photobiological safety measurement data of the three different display screens. Among the three samples, the measurement results of the LED display screen are even better than the other two display screens.

  It should be noted that long-term viewing of any display screen may cause permanent damage to human eyes. Therefore, no matter what form of display screen is used, operators must pay attention to eye hygiene, develop good eye habits, and work and rest. Combine, consciously and actively protect your eyesight.

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